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Official Name: Republic of Lithuania
Capital City: Vilnius
General Demographic (as of 2011):
Area (sq. km): 65,200 km2
Total population: 3.3 million
Population growth (annual %): -0.6%
Urban population: 2.23 million
Urban population (% of total): 67%
GDP (current US$) PPP: US$36.3 billion
GDP growth (annual %): 1.3%
GDP per capita (current US$) PPP: US$10,933

About Lithuania

Geography and Climate:
Lithuania is located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Latvia and Russia. The country experiences a mix of maritime and continental climates with moderate winters and summers.

Population and Urbanization:
In 2010, the population of Lithuania stood at 3.3 million with 2.23 million or 67% living in urban areas. The largest urban area is the capital Vilnius.

Economy and Industry:
The economy is driven by trade and foreign partners with Russia being its main trading partner. Privatization of state-owned has fostered the transition from a centrally controlled to a more free market economy. Main economic drivers are industrial manufacturing, metals and metals processing, food processing and petroleum refining.

In 2008, Lithuania’s main energy source is nuclear power (71.1%). Gas takes is the second significant energy source with the remainder made up of hydroelectric and renewable sources.

In 2009, there was 81,000 kilometers of road and with a vehicle density of 23 per kilometer translates to 1.86 million vehicles in the entire country.

Emission Profile:
In 2008, over half of emissions come from energy and transport. The remainder of emissions came from industry, agriculture and waste byproducts. 60% of emissions is comprised of carbon dioxide. Methane, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, and volatile organic compounds make up the remaining 40%.

Air Quality Management:
The Ministry of Environment is the government agency tasked to monitor air quality and to ensure continued implementation of various directives focused on emission reduction and monitoring

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