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Official Name: United States of America
Capital City: Washington D.C.
General Demographic (as of 2011):
Area (sq. km): 9.83 million km2
Total population: 309.1 million
Population growth (annual %): 0.7%
Urban population: 254.3 million
Urban population (% of total): 82%
GDP (current US$) PPP: $14.6 trillion
GDP growth (annual %): 2.9%
GDP per capita (current US$) PPP: 47,184

About the United States of America

Geography and Climate:
The USA is located in North America between Canada and Mexico, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The country enjoys a temperate climate with tropical conditions in the extreme southern continental USA and Hawaii and arctic in Alaska.

Population and Urbanization:
The USA is home to over 300 million people with more than 82% living in urban areas. The largest cities according to population are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Washington DC (capital).

Economy and Industry:
The economy of the USA was the largest and most technologically powerful before 2008. It has a highly diversified industrial sector specializing in petroleum processing, motor vehicle manufacturing, consumer goods, electronics to lumber and mining.

In 2009, energy generation in the USA was comprised of coal 44%, natural gas 23.6%, nuclear 20.2%, hydroelectric 6.9%, other renewable sources 3.7%, petroleum 0.99% and other 0.3% (biogenic, solid waste, hydrogen).

In 2008, there were 255 million cars in the country. The USA ranks as the first in the world in terms of length of roads (6.5 million kilometers). This translates to over 390 cars per kilometer of road in the USA.

Emission Profile:
Carbon dioxide is the number one pollutant in the USA, comprising over 79% of the total. Other significant pollutants are methane (10.3%), Nitrous Oxide (4.4%) and volatile organic compounds (2.2%).

Air Quality Management:
Air quality in the USA is managed by the Air Quality Management Subcommittee under the Clean Air Act Advisory Council. One of its main purposes is to assess and develop recommendations for long term changes to the air quality management system. It is under direct management of the US-Environmental Protection Agency.

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