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Official Name: Republic of Croatia
Capital City: Zagreb
General Demographic (as of 2011):
Area (sq. km): 56,600 km2
Total population: 4.4 million
Population growth (annual %): -0.1%
Urban population: 2.56 million
Urban population (% of total): 58%
GDP (current US$) PPP: US$ 60.9 billion
GDP growth (annual %): -1.2%
GDP per capita (current US$) PPP: US$ 13,750

About Croatia

Geography and Climate:
Croatia lies in south-eastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea to the west, between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovakia. It enjoys a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.

Population and Urbanization:
In 2010, 4.4 million people inhabit Croatia with 58% living in urban centers. This translates to 2.6 million people. The largest city is Zagreb.
Economy and Industry:
Croatia’s economy was one of the wealthiest of the Yugoslav republics. The economy suffered badly during the 1991-1995 war but is now steadily recovering through market reforms with the help of the European Union. Its biggest trading partner is the European Union with main industries including manufacturing, processing, petroleum, and tourism.
In 2009, energy in Croatia came from hydroelectric sources (55.5%) and thermal sources (44.4%). The negligible remainder comes from renewable sources.

In 2009, there were 29,300 kilometers of road in the country. With a vehicle density of 59 per kilometer, this translates to 1.7 million vehicles in Croatia.

Emission Profile:
Over 75% of total emission come from carbon dioxide. The remainder is composed of methane, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur and volatile organic compounds.

Air Quality Management:
In 2008, there were 21 monitoring stations across the country. These were established in accordance to the air quality protection and improvement plan of Croatia for 208-2009.

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